What Skin Whitening Pills Do Celebs Use? Here’s The Truth!

What Skin Whitening Pills Do Celebs Use
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There is nothing prettier than having smooth, glowing, glistening, alabaster skin. Healthy glowing skin is a sign of youth and joy of life. With the ever-growing number of options for skin whitening, many celebrities embrace it for regaining the youthful glow of their visage. No one likes their skin to look like a dull, dusty, lifeless blob. Especially not the people whose careers depend on their good looks.

And everyone does use whitening pills, from Priyanka to Rhi Rhi, and many in between. And they look glamorous and beautiful because of it. But they don’t all use the same products or treatments that are available at every corner. They use just the best ones, as nothing but the best they deserve.



There are many tablets for skin whitening available on the market. But the truth is that not all of them are the same. Though many are boasting with the all-powerful ingredients, the majority of them have them in such a low concentration that they have the same effects as so much of jelly beans.

The very best results you will get by following the routines of those people whose careers depend on their looks, celebrities. You can be certain that they use only the top-notch products, that give the best results. After all, when you are choosing for yourself you should also choose only the very best.

So here is the truth about which skin whitening tablets are the most popular among both Holywood’s and Boliwood’s elites.


Emily Bright Skin Brilliance are pills that contain a very high dose of glutathione, 2000mcg per pill. It is a powerful antioxidant that will make your skin brighten from the inside. Unlike bleaching creams, it works from the inside of your skin, completely natural and with no harmful effects. Its strong anti-oxidative effects will make your skin glow, including both the sensitive and private regions.

But that anti-oxidative effect will also provide your skin with protection from the aging effects. Your skin will be smooth, tight, with an even tone, and will look youthfully healthy. Completely made of only natural ingredients of the best quality available on the market, it contains no GMO products or allergens.

NutraFaza – Skin Whitening

NutraFaza has on the market pills that also contain 2000 mcg of glutathione which will make your skin look flawless and evenly toned. The powerful antioxidant that fights the aging effects of the free radicals and other oxidative stress your skin experience during the day. It will make your skin have the healthy dewy glow of the youth.

But they are also a natural solution for other skin problems, such as acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. Fully natural ingredients these pills are made with are also vegan friendly, so if you have ethical concerns about animal products these are just right for you. To make your skin regain a youthful look, these pills also include the extracts of ginger, papaya, licorice, lemon, and cinnamon.

JNS – SKIN Brightening

Joellyne Natural, also known as JNS, SKIN Brightening pills have a more powerful formulation that contains 3000 mcg of glutathione. It will clear your skin tone from the inside and make your skin look youthful and be healthy. Its powerful formula blends glutathione and papaya extract to fight free radicals and decrease the oxidative stress your skin suffers from. It will brighten your skin and give it a healthy tone.

The two active ingredients work in synergetic balance to give you the best results. With healthy, glowing, bright skin you will feel better in your own skin. JNS pills are made only of natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is GMO-free and clinically studied.

VAITE – Whitening Skin

VAITE pills have an incredible 5000 mcg of glutathione per pill. It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have it will help you make your skin looking bright and healthy. It has astonishingly high antioxidative power of glutathione, but also the vitamin C and extracts from lemon and mulberry. Dull and uneven skin tone can be a thing of the past.

VAITE pills will take you on the journey to brighter and glowing skin. Made of the best and highest quality ingredients according to the highest standards in the USA. They will brighten your skin and make it healthier and more resilient to the effects of free radicals, oxidative stress, and effects of aging.


The truth no one wants you to know is that it is impossible to lighten your skin permanently. It just can’t be done. Your skin is your biggest organ, and it constantly fights against the negative impacts of the environment. It constantly renews itself and produces the pigment melatonin which gives the skin its color. To keep it bright and healthy-looking celebrities constantly work on it.

Bright glowing skin is not a destination, it’s a journey. There is no silver bullet solution for a youthful-looking healthy glow. Your skin requires constant care and nurturing to fight oxidative stress. And the best thing you can do is to provide it with the very best care there is.

The effects of some skin-lightening treatments can last from few months to even a few years. But for such long effects, you need to take proper care of your skin, always protect it with sun cream, and maintain a healthy balanced diet that will supply it with all the necessary micronutrients.


There are many products and treatments that celebrities use to whiten their skin and achieve a healthy bright glow. Many of them have numerous additional aesthetic and health benefits. Not just making your skin brighter and healthier looking but also rejuvenating it, and actually making it renewed. Aging and the environment we live in are very unhealthy for the skin and make it look lifeless.

Many celebrities use different whitening techniques to restore the youthful glow of their skin. After all, their looks are their main assets, and they work hard on keeping them fresh. But these techniques are not limited just to a select few, their benefits you can enjoy too. So, here are some of the whitening treatments that are the most popular among the world’s elites today.

Laser peel

Laser treatment or peel is a special method for decreasing the melanin concentration in your skin. It is also known as lasabrasion, this technique uses concentrated light of a specific wavelength to destroy the melanin in your skin. Melanin is the skin pigment that gives it its color. Once the melanin is destroyed, your immune system cleans all the remnants of it that may have been left behind.

After procedures, your skin naturally renews itself and gains a more youthful and healthier appearance. Laser peel is appropriate for all parts of your face and body, including the sensitive skin of your private regions. But also for all skin tones and types. It is a very effective method for reducing skin pigmentation.

Chemical peel

The chemical peel for lightening skin is usually performed using the alpha-hydroxy acids produced from the all-natural sources. They are a very effective method of decreasing the melanin concentration in your skin but have many other benefits. They are used for exfoliation of the upper, dead layer of the skin, leaving behind new youthful skin.

Depending on the concentration of the acids in the solution that is used there are three types of treatments. Between 5% and 10% are light treatments. The 10% to 50% concentration are medium ones. And the solution concentration between 50% and 70% are deep chemical peels. Chemical peels will produce a bright glowing skin tone and are appropriate for face lightening procedures.

Whitening creams

There are numerous skin bleaching products you can find on the market in the form of creams and lotions, such as Zeta White. Most of them have active ingredients such as glycolic acid which is used in chemical peels but in much higher concentrations. Some are with azelaic acid, retinol, hydroquinone, lactic, or kojic acid. These substances are very popular for their whitening effects.

Many of these products are suitable only for facial skin, but there are also those that are appropriate for other parts of your body as well. Most of these products show immediate effects, but unfortunately, they provide results that are not very long-lasting and require repeated use, the majority of them on a daily basis. Though they very often contain ingredients with additional benefits like rejuvenation of the skin.

Whitening pills

Arguably the most convenient method of whitening your skin is whitening pills. Most of these products contain glutathione, a very strong antioxidant. Besides its ability to fight oxidative stress and free radicals it is a skin whitening agent that works from the inside of your skin. The formulations of these pills range from 500 mcg and up to 5000 mcg.

It is a very safe ingredient that is extracted from plants and algae. It is also naturally occurring in your skin and is a very important compound for its normal function. Many of the pills contain additional ingredients that are necessary for the normal function and health of your skin, such as vitamin C and many other natural plant extracts.


Skin whitening injections are an alternative method of delivering glutathione into your skin. This whitening agent is a natural plant product that is a strong antioxidant. But it also a suppressant of the production of the tyrosinase enzyme, which stimulates melanin production. This way it reduces the melanin produced by your skin and lightens the skin tone.

These injections often also include other beneficial substances, such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant essential for normal skin function that fights the negative effects of free radicals. While hyaluronic acid is a very strong hydration substance. Some injections are based on arbutin. This extract from the bearberry plant inhibits melanin production but also decreases stretch marks and freckles.



Yes. It is a very safe and very effective whitening agent. It is a very powerful antioxidant that can be found in many plants and algae, but also in animals too and that includes the natural occurrence in your own skin. Its main function is to negate the detrimental effects of free radicals and many other substances that cause oxidative stress.

Another function is the regulation of the production of the enzyme tyrosinase which regulates the production of melanin, the natural skin pigment. More melanin in your skin means a darker and more uneven skin tone. And glutathione helps in such a situation by decreasing melanin production. There are several methods of using glutathione that is very popular among celebrities.

Many celebrities do not hide that they use it. Lil Kim, Rhianna, Khanyi Mbau, are just some of the celebrities that are completely honest about the way they achieve their perfect complexion. It is a very strong antioxidant, and it doesn’t just brighten your skin but also has anti-aging effects. And all of them are known for using glutathione as a part of their skincare for years.

To have the full effects of glutathione the products based on it include many other beneficial ingredients. Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, various exfoliants, and many others. Making your skin glow with health is just one of the effects of these products. Even, perfect youthful complexion is a product of the overall health of the skin. Properly nurtured skin is the prettiest look you can have.

When using glutathione you must be aware that it is a very slow-acting substance. For many people, it can take up to a couple of months to start seeing its effects on the skin. But its effects are not limited just to a beautiful perfect complexion. As a strong antioxidant, it helps your body fight oxidative stress in many ways.

The main function of your liver is to get rid your body of all of the toxins and undesirable waste produced by many functions of our bodies. And glutathione helps decrease the strain on your liver, by having positive effects on free radicals and decreasing their negative effects.

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