Snow Caps vs. Luxxe White: Which Product Is Better for You?

Snow Caps vs. Luxxe White: Which Product Is Better for You?
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Snow Caps and Luxxe White are both Glutathione supplement brands used to whiten skin, assist in liver detoxing, and boost the immune system. These master antioxidants can come in the form of a liquid, gel, or capsule and are typically used by individuals aiming for lighter, smoother skin. But no two products are made alike, so it is important to know which brand is worth your investment. 

When the proper products are purchased, both Snow Caps and Luxxe White have decent reviews for their whitening and energizing effects. However, Snow Caps is a more reputable brand for these products and more widely accessible both online and in stores. Luxxe White is only sold online, and many consumers claim to have received a fake product here. 

Read on to learn more about what differentiates Snow Cap’s L-glutathione supplement from Luxxe White’s enhanced glutathione supplement. We’ll discuss topics such as cost, ingredients, and product reviews, and reputation. 

Which Brand is Best, Snow Caps or Luxxe White?

If your goal is to find a quality glutathione supplement that will give you a noticeable boost of energy and lighter, glowing skin, then you’ll want to opt for Snow Caps rather than Luxxe White. 

There are a decent number of similarities and differences between these two products that we will discuss in further detail, but ultimately, Snow Caps is the more worthwhile brand in this comparison. 

General Comparison

Both products by Snow Caps and Luxxe White are glutathione supplements used primarily to smooth acne-ridden skin, clear acne scars, and lighten skin that has been significantly tanned and scarred from overexposure to sunlight.

Apart from their main purpose, there is much that sets these two brands apart and warrants Snow Caps as the superior product of the two. 

The chart below provides a clear visual comparison of the most influential product elements that most consumers consider before purchasing. 

Snow CapsLuxxe White
Supplement Form CapsuleCapsule
Supplement TypesL-Glutathione supplement
Enhanced Glutathione supplement
Frequency of UseOne capsule in the morning when glutathione levels and oxidative stress are lowest.Two capsules daily, once in the morning and once at night, mixed with 8-16 oz of water.
Quantity 30 capsules60 capsules
IngredientsL-Glutathione reduced (500 mg)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (100 mg)
Vit (100 mg)
Hard Gelatin Capsules (consists of Gelatin Powder USP Grade, Titanium Dioxide USP, De-Ionized and purified water, Propylene Glycol 600)

L-Glutamic Acid (180mg)
Glycine (200mg)
L-Cysteine (120mg)
NAC (100mg)
Vitamin C (100mg)
Alpha Lipoic Acid (50mg)
Grapeseed Extract (25mg

As you can see, these products have some basic similarities in their form and the essential ingredients necessary to be a Glutathione supplement. 

The differences mostly lie in quantity and the fact that Snow Caps is a basic L-Glutathione supplement versus Luxxe White is an Enhanced Glutathione supplement. 

This means that the company claims their product is more easily absorbed by the body and boosts a higher level of your natural Glutathione levels for faster, more noticeable results. 

For the most part, these product aspects don’t make or break the argument that one is better than the other until you start including other factors, such as cost and accessibility.

Cost and Accessibility

Because these products are daily supplements, potential consumers have to consider the up-front sticker price and how often they will need to replenish their supply over time. This is where quantity for each product also comes into play. 

Although Luxxe White is listed as supplying twice the amount of capsules as Snow Caps, users have to consume two Luxxe White pills daily versus only one Snow Caps a day. 

Therefore, you are really getting 30 days’ worth of capsules for both products, so Luxxe White doesn’t win any points here. 

However, the one place that Luxxe White does earn points is in cost. Comparing the Amazon listings for both products, you can buy one bottle of Luxxe White 60 Capsules for $46.95 versus one package of Snow Caps 30 capsules for $65.

In the grand scheme of supplement cost, neither of these brands is cheap. However, if you intend to use a Glutathione supplement for several months, Luxxe White is the more economically friendly option of the two. 

Unfortunately, what points Luxxe White earns from affordability, it loses from accessibility. It is much easier by far to acquire Snow Caps’ supplements than Luxxe White. 

You can generally find Snow Caps in several pharmaceutical or retail stores as well as online, whereas Luxxe White is exclusively available online, which is where the company experiences severe issues with its reputation and reviews. 

Reviews and Reputation

A product’s overall reputation is by far the most influential force for consumers who are considering any product. Nothing is more detrimental to a product’s success than poor reviews, and this is clearly demonstrated in the comparison of these two brands. 

Exceptional reviews are the primary reason that Snow Caps is the superior brand here. There is a decent number of online articles and videos of everyday individuals reviewing this product, and, for the most part, they all come to the same glowing conclusion. 

Most consumers stated that they used Snow Caps for months and saw exceptional results in their skin color, clarity, and overall energy levels. Many of them tested the product to “see what the hype was all about” and were surprisingly convinced of its effectiveness upon daily use.

Sadly, Luxxe White can’t claim the same praise, which is why it loses this battle of the supplements. 

Luxxe White Supplement Fakes

Luxxe White’s Skin Whitening Supplement is created by the Philippine business Frontrow, which distributes health, beauty, and wellness products. The product claims to be clinically tested, and there are some users that have given it generally positive reviews.

Unfortunately, the bad reviews far outweigh the good. And the worst review of all is that consumers have claimed to receive fake Luxxe White products, particularly on Amazon. 

Although this might only be an issue on one website, it is arguably the worst site for such damaging reviews considering Amazon is the number one online retail website worldwide as of 2020 with 3,676 million users per month. 

The primary reasons that consumers claim their Luxxe White products are fake are:

  • Lack of results despite months of use
  • Product is not properly sealed as described
  • Product actually caused skin irritation and breaks outs, such as pimples
  • Lack of expiration date on the bottle

Many consumers on this site urge potential buyers to do their research and avoid the brand altogether because of the significant purchasing risks. 

Considering these bottles are nearly $50 apiece, consumers can lose a significant amount of money purchasing them, particularly when it is recommended that the supplements be used for several months for maximum results. 

Because such a significant number of fake Luxxe White supplements are being sold online, it is difficult to know how effective the real product is. Additionally, there are very few reviews for this product on other sites coming to its defense, so it is ultimately safer to avoid altogether. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Luxxe White might be a quality product if you can acquire a legitimate supply from an online source, but a quality experience is more easily guaranteed with Snow Cap’s supplements instead. 

Not only is it much easier to acquire their product from a wider range of stores, but it also comes with glowing reviews from nearly any previous customer. It might come at a hefty price, but the results are well worth it. 


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