Skin Whitening Herbs In Ayurveda: Do They Work?

Skin Whitening Herbs In Ayurveda: Do They Work?
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Are you unhappy with your skin tone? Want to achieve fair and glowing skin naturally?

If you’ve ever read or heard about the science of ancient Eastern medicines or yoga, you might have definitely introduced to Ayurveda. If you haven’t, the working principle of Ayurveda is simple: it is all about nourishing your body, mind and soul by using natural practices and ancient herbs and medicines. Ayurvedic skincare has proven to be one of the best treatments you can do to your skin. Whatever your skin problem is, Ayurveda has an effective solution for it. The best thing about this concept is, it is purely based on natural processes and natural ingredients that don’t come with any side-effects.

Skin-whitening is one of the biggest concerns of a majority of people. Owing to that, people don’t shy away from spending thousands of dollars on skin whitening creams, serums, masks and other treatments that are loaded with chemicals. The sad part is, even after spending a huge amount of money, these treatments don’t show any promising results and instead make the condition of skin even worse. And there are some products that do show instant results but these effects don’t last for more than a week and your skin returns to its original condition. This is exactly where Ayurvedic treatments come to the rescue. The main highlight of these products is, they show permanent results. That means, your skin will not return to its original concern once you stop using these ayurvedic treatments.

There are thousands of herbs in Ayurveda that work on all types of skin-related issues. These herbs can be either used internally or externally in the form of creams, oils and potions. But do these herbs actually work? Let’s find out!


The short answer is yes. Skin whitening herbs do show promising results. While they don’t promise overnight results just like other chemical-based skin products, they heal your skin from within and show results over time. Ayurvedic herbs lightens the skin by healing it from within.

Ayurveda believes that skin problems are the main result of blood impurities. When your blood is impure, the quality of your skin will degrade and you’ll suffer a lack of glow and lustre. Therefore, the first step towards restoring the glow and brightening the skin is cleansing and purifying blood.

Most ayurvedic herbs work by purifying the blood and removing toxins from it which in turn helps in solving the skin issues. The herbs called the Kantivardhaka helps in lightening the skin tone by penetrating deep into the skin.

Ayurvedic skin whitening herbs are cooling in nature. They penetrate deep into the tissues of your body to reduce inflammation. This heals the skin and enhances its quality. Once blood is purified, your skin becomes bright and lustrous. Further, these herbs are rich in nutrients, the powerful antioxidants present in them allows the skin to glow naturally.


Apart from Kantivardhaka herbs, the other powerful skin whitening herbs are named as Varnya or radiance-enhancing herbs. These natural herbs work by neutralizing the pitta dosha which is known for fluctuating the color of the upper skin layer. These Radiance Enhancing Herbs are rich in phytochemicals that work on proving the functions of skin and supplying all the necessary nutrients to it.

Moreover, most of the herbs that come in this category are Madhura, Kashaya Rasa, Shita Virya (sweet taste, astringent taste and cooling effect) and Tikt (bitter). Due to these qualities, these herbs work excellently in balancing the Pitta Dosha and cleansing the blood. In other words, they tone the skin and brighten it.

Below are the 5 best ayurvedic skin whitening herbs :


The common name for Madhuyashthi or Madhuka is Licorice. It is one of the most popular skin whitening herbs. In fact, these days with the increasing popularity of ayurvedic ingredients, Licorice is widely used in many skincare products, facemasks and face packs. Licorice helps in fading dark spots, blemishes, tanning and dull complexion and make the skin bright and glowing.

Madhuyashthi ayurveda

Licorice can be either applied externally or consumed in the form of powder, capsules and concoction. In fact, Licorice tea can soothe your skin from within and protect it from harmful Ultraviolet rays. Further, the powder of Licorice root can be applied on the face to treat sunburn and tanning. If your skin complexion has become dull and dark due to sun exposure, Licorice can be the best herb to use. It will help in removing severe suntan and restoring your original complexion.


Manjistha has been used as an effective blood purifier for ages. It is a well-regarded varnya herb that can be used for brightening the skin and making it healthy and lustrous.


MANJISTHA skin whitening ayurveda

As we have already discussed, the majority of skin issues including dull complexion are the outcomes of blood impurities. So, Manjistha works by cleansing and purifying your blood and detoxifying your body which heals the skin and makes it brighter. Not just for skin whitening, Manjistha can also help in treating other skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne, pimple etc.


Padmaka is another effective skin whitening herb. The powder of this plant when applied externally as a face pack, improves the skin tone and makes it look tighter and brighter. This herb is rich in minerals like iron, copper and zinc that are very effective in healing the skin and eradicating issues like dullness, acne, blemishes, dark spots etc. Further, it also moisturizes the skin and keeps it soft and supple.


Nagkesar is a magical ayurvedic herb that can do wonders to your skin. Also known as Tung, this herb has been used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic medicine for thousands of years. It works by improving the skin tone when used regularly. In fact, Nagkesar oil is widely used in skincare products. It is obtained from the flowers of the plant and has antibacterial properties that help in fighting pimple-causing germs.


Vetiver is a famous herb in Ayurveda known by the name Khus or Usheer. It is another reputed skin whitening herb. Vetiver oil is excellent for dry skin, it moisturizes the skin and helps in retaining the lost lustre. Among its numerous benefits, this herb is known for fading away the blemishes and reducing skin pigmentation. It helps in improving the skin tone and texture.

So, this is about the best skin whitening herbs. The most popular way of enjoying the benefits of ayurvedic herbs is by using them in the form of essential oils. As a matter of fact, ayurvedic oils are increasingly becoming a part of skincare routine all around the world. These oils work wonders for your skin. From treating the textured, dull and dark skin to reduce acne and breakout, these ayurvedic oils have a solution for everything. Let’s throw some light on the most popular skin whitening oils.



Nalpamaradi Thailam is one of the best skin whitening ayurvedic oils you can use. It is a natural oil that is extracted from the barks of a tree known as Ficus. These barks have numerous medicinal qualities and have been used for treating a variety of skin and other health problems.

Nalpamaradi thailam or oil is made from the barks of four different varieties of Ficus trees. These include Banyan, Gular, Pukar and Kamarup. These 4 species together are known as Nalpamara which is the main ingredient in the preparation of Nalpamaradi oil.

Apart from Nalpamara, Nalpamaradi oil also combines a few other powerful natural ingredients that improves the skin tone by making it even and glowing. These secondary ingredients include ayurvedic herbs like Turmeric, Vetiver, Amla (Indian Gooseberry) etc. Further, sesame oil is used as a base oil that helps in the absorption of these ingredients into the skin in a quick and easy manner.

Nalpamaradi oil is excellent for removing tanning from the skin. Not just on the face, this oil can be used on the entire body. Not only it lightens and brightens your skin, but also makes it look soft and supple.

Below are the other few uses of Nalpamaradi oil :

* Removes tan and evens out the skin tone
* Removes skin pigmentation, blemishes and other spots
* Hydrates the skin making it look soft and lustrous
* Heals the sun/environmental damaged skin


ayurvedic oil for skin whitening


Kumkumadi oil is named as a magical oil by the users. It is one of the most popular skin whitening oils used today. Kumkumadi oil or Kumkumadi tailam is an effective blend of many essential oils and ayurvedic herbs. It offers therapeutic as well as cosmetic benefits to the skin without causing any side effects. The best part about this oil is, it works as a natural toner, cleanser and moisturizer.

You might be wondering how this oil works? Well, the answer is its wonderful ingredients. Kumkumadi oil is prepared by blending numerous powerful Ayurvedic ingredients that are known to provide amazing health benefits.

Here are the main benefits of Kumkumadi oil :

* A natural way to illuminate and brighten the skin by improving the skin tone and texture
* Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
* Tightens the skin by minimizing the pores
* Help in reducing dark circles
* Fights skin pigmentation
* Treats sun damage
* Prevents and treats acne and pimples

Apart from these two oils, sandalwood, Turmeric and neem oils also work excellently when it comes to brightening the skin and fighting other skin related problems. While neem oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic oil, sandalwood and turmeric oil gives a beautiful golden glow to the skin.

So, these were some of the most effective skin whitening oils with proven benefits. The main advantage of using these oils is that they are free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. This means they don’t cause any side-effects when you use them regularly. Moreover, whatever your skin type is, they will suit you. But the only thing about using ayurvedic oils is that they don’t work overnight unlike the chemical-rich serums that are trending in the market. Instead, they work slowly and effectively. Instead of bleaching your skin, these oils treats and heals it from within which in turn results in an improved complexion. Let’s understand how these skin whitening herbs and oils work on your skin in detail.


Most of the chemical-based skincare products that are sold in the market, work on the outer layer of your skin. They might show results within the first few days of usage but the benefits are short-lived. But this is not the case with Ayurvedic herbs. They work by finding the root cause of your skin problem.

Talking about the root cause, Ayurveda defines every type of skin problems with Doshas. According to it, each skin type is different and can be classified under three main Doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Ayurveda believes that when these Doshas are imbalanced, the results are shown on our skin. Therefore, if we want to get clear and healthy skin, we have to work by balancing the Doshas at first.


As we already discussed above, Ayurveda defines our skin type by three Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Here is what each of them means :

  • Vata Dosha – Very delicate and fragile skin that can be very dry and flaky. This type of skin is prone to fine lines, wrinkles and open pores.
  • Pitta Dosha – Sensitive skin that is prone to breakout and acne. When Pitta Dosha is imbalanced, it results in oily skin.
  • Kapha Dosha – Extremely oily skin with large pores and blackheads. This Dosha results in acne and pimple that can turn into skin disorders such as eczema.

The skin whitening herbs we have discussed in the above section of this guide works by balancing these Doshas and hence attacking the root cause of your skin problems.

Apart from following an ayurvedic skincare routine and using the above-mentioned oils and herbs, here are a few tips you can follow to achieve clear, flawless, glowing skin with a bright complexion.



Everybody is different and so their skin type and bodies. Know that each skin or body type is treated differently in Ayurveda. So, the first step towards healing your body is to find out your skin type. We have already shared how you can determine your skin with Doshas. Once you’ve identified your skin type, use the ayurvedic products accordingly.


If your body is unhealthy from the inside, it will show its negative results through the skin. So, it’s very important to eat a well-balanced diet that is free from sugar, junk, oil and other unhealthy stuff. Ayurveda suggests you consume as much fresh food as you can including fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain, dairy etc. Avoid eating excessive salty, sugary and oily foods.


Ayurvedic oils are truly magical. Oils like kumkumadi oil, Nalpamaradi Oil, sandalwood oil etc can help you brighten your skin and make it look smooth, supple and younger. Massaging your face daily can help you fight signs of ageing like fine linea, wrinkles and loose skin.


Yoga helps you to get naturally glowing skin that is free from flaws. Not just that, yoga helps in improving overall health and fitness. It helps in detoxifying the body and improving blood circulation that improves your skin texture and tone.



Yes, Manjistha is a great ayurvedic herb for the skin. It works by purifying and cleansing blood which in turn improve the quality of your skin. Manjistha is rich in Glycosides that are known to improve the complexion of the skin. It also fades away dark spots, blemishes and pigmentation.


Manjistha can be used in several ways. You can either use it externally by applying it in the powder form or consume it like herbal medicine.

You can easily get Manjistha in the form of tablets, capsules and edible powders( churna). It is advised to take 1-2 Manjistha tablet or capsules after lunch or dinner with plain water. If you’re consuming the powder, then have no more than spoon of it with water post your lunch.

Further, you can also apply Manjistha powder on your face by mixing it with some rose water, raw milk or honey. It works wonderfully as a face pack. Just mix 1 tbsp of Manjistha powder with any of the ingredients and apply it on your face for 20 minutes. Wash your skin and follow up with moisturizing your face.


Although there are numerous ayurvedic creams in the market, not each one offers what it claims. Some creams like Vicco Turmeric, Kama Ayurveda, Active Bamboo Skin Whitening cream offer great results. However, make sure to choose your cream according to your skin type. Also, don’t forget to check the ingredients of the cream you have selected and avoid buying it if it’s full of parabens and other chemicals. It’s always better to consult your dermatologist before using any skin whitening cream.

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