Is It Possible to Whiten Skin Permanently?

Is It Possible to Whiten Skin Permanently?
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Over the years, people have been taught to believe that dark skin is not as good as fair skin. Most information in the media has promoted fair skin tones and skin whitening products. Besides their information being misleading, it is inaccurate and wrong as well. So, is it possible to whiten skin permanently? No.


From a medical point of view, it is impossible to lighten your skin permanently. On the other hand, you can even it out. Also, you can medically treat issues like dark spots, tan, and so on with efficient and safe skin lightening solutions. These progressive treatments can boost your skin`s health and keep its natural glow.


Here`s what you need to know about skin whitening;


What determines the color of your skin?


The color of your skin is determined by the quantity of melanin in your skin. This is a pigment released by dedicated cells known as melanocytes. For this reason, people with dusky skin have more melanin.


Typically, the amount of melanin on the skin is primarily determined by sunlight exposure, genetic makeup, skin damage, hormones, and exposure to chemicals. Often, the adjustments in skin color resolve themselves. For example, tans start diminishing when you reduce the time you spend under direct sunlight. Still, with time, some discolorations like age spots become less or more permanent.


What is skin bleaching?

This is a cosmetic treatment used to lessen the presence of skin discolorations and give it an even tone even. You can purchase bleaching creams by prescription or over the counter.


Some individuals apply these products to their whole body to completely change their skin complexion though it’s extremely risky. This is because the active component in skin bleaching products is mercury, and if utilized in excess, it could result in mercury poisoning.


Mercury is a poisonous ingredient that can cause severe kidney, neurological, and psychiatric issues. Expectant women who utilize skin lighteners featuring mercury as an active ingredient can pass it to the infant.


While it is possible to whiten your skin tone through particular treatment and natural methods, people often fall for scams promising to do this permanently. Medically, it is not possible to do this. Various skin concerns affect skin texture and tone, and once a dermatologist treats these issues, the skin is revitalized, offering an enhanced look and even tone.


Why is skin whitening so controversial?


Skin bleaching has fast become a billion-dollar industry and is popular among both women and men. Extensive advertising has deluded us into believing that dark-skinned individuals can change their skin color to become lighter within a short while. As skin whitening products fill the market constantly, they can be challenging the resist. Oftentimes, people with dark skin are discriminated and seen as “less beautiful” compared to fair skin individuals.


How to achieve lighter skin

There are numerous ways to achieve this for those of us who would like to lighten our skin tone, though the results won`t be permanent. Here we will cover the various treatments and products that could help whiten your skin;



Are you eager to get rid of all those dark spots? You can contact a dermatologist or go to the spa for microdermabrasion. Almost similar to sanding rough wood, this treatment utilizes an abrasive surface to eliminate the damaged and dead skin cells, leaving you with much healthier skin, free of dark spots.



Different from microdermabrasion, this procedure involves scrubbing the upper skin layer utilizing an exclusive instrument. Usually, it is done by a cosmologist, and it comes in handy in lessening post-acne and dark scars. It is also valuable for skin softening, and it leaves you with smoother and more beautiful skin.


Whitening serum

These serums feature an increased concentration of active components, therefore, accessing the deeper skin layers. Thanks to all the active ingredients in whitening serum, it helps restore elasticity and moisturize the skin while controlling oil production.


When you compare them to face creams which only feature 5 to 10% of active components, whitening serums feature 70% active ingredients leading to increased hydration, skin brightening, and acne prevention.



Retinol is an essential type of Vitamin A, and it is the major vitamin utilized for dealing with damaged skin. It comes in handy in promoting the skin`s cell division, leading to exfoliation and renewal of the skin. The other benefit of utilizing retinol is that it promotes collagen production and inspires mitotic activity, resulting in lighter and wrinkle-free skin.



This is the way to go if you`re looking for a lighter skin tone but don’t want to use products filled with chemicals that could damage your skin. This ingredient is extracted from the Bearberry plant, which is useful in skin de-pigmentation and whitening. Arbutin efficiently treats sunburn and controls melanogenesis. Plus, it is much safer than some harsh chemicals. Amazingly, it helps lighten your skin for a long time and suppresses unwelcome pigmentation.


Vitamin C

Everyone wants to have flawless skin, though they settle for those dark spots due to the fear of using products with harmful side effects. Ascorbic acid also referred to as Vitamin C, is a natural substitute for harmful skin whitening products.


It is either consumed or smeared on the skin, and it aids in making it elastic and firm. Besides, it will repair the skin and offer you a beautiful and lighter skin complexion.


Whitening creams


Effective and affordable whitening creams can as well provide your desired results. On the other hand, you have to be careful while purchasing them. You can find these products on most online stores like Amazon, among others. Avoid the ones featuring mercury and hydroquinone since they can harm your skin and lead to early aging, wrinkling, and dryness.


Skin whitening treatment options

There is a wide array of treatments in the market used to attain your desired skin-lightening results. You can choose a skin whitening procedure on one body part or face whitening treatment depending on your needs.


Here are some of the most common skin whitening treatments;


Chemical peels


During this procedure, the dermatologist will apply a solution comprising alpha-hydroxy acids extricated from natural sources to rejuvenate the damaged skin`s upper layers.


It comes in handy for getting rid of accumulated melanin and letting healthy tissues appear on your skin`s surface. Chemical peels can come in three forms: deep, medium, and light in terms of concentration.


This is a tender option to whiten discolored skin by sufficiently lessening dark spots, tan, facial blemishes, and even your skin tone.


Skin brightening injections

Another skin whitening treatment option is injections. These injections feature glutathione, a skin brightening agent that comes in handy in reducing the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme that surges melanin levels in the skin.


According to population perception, this injection can as well detoxify your body, shield the skin from harsh UV rays, and promote your skin tone. It has been classified by several researchers as “probably safe,” though they don’t give a lot of information on its effectiveness as a skin-whitening agent.


Furthermore, research suggests that an increased dosage of glutathione is not safe and may result in serious side effects. Presently, there is little evidence-based research to guarantee the results of this agent. On the other hand, a few skin clinics provide these injections, and it would help if

you made a well-versed decision.

Laser treatment


During this procedure, the doctor utilizes a concentrated light beam to reduce the melanin accumulation in specific areas. The skin`s immune system eventually gets rid of the pigment remnants. As a result, it leaves your skin looking brighter and healthier than before. Laser treatment is also referred to as lasabrasion or laser peel. It also comes in handy inefficiently lessening issues such as dull skin, skin pigmentation, sun tanning, and dark spots.


Lastly, this treatment is safe for the full body as well as facial skin whitening.


Skin whitening products

As mentioned above, there is a wide range of skin whitening products available. Most of them have ingredients like arbutin, glycolic acid, kojic acid, lactic acid, azelaic acid, and retinol. However, avoid products that have hydroquinone and mercury. Meanwhile, some of these elements are well-known for their skin whitening properties, which might instantly brighten your skin, though the results will not last long, and they might have some side effects.


But they are not the best products to use for a long time.


Skin lightening surgery

As mentioned above, skin whitening is a billion-dollar business, and currently, there is a huge interest in making medically invasive processes available for dealing with skin issues.


On the other hand, there is no such thing as “skin lightening surgery.” Typically, skin whitening surgery refers to laser treatment and chemical peels. Besides, qualified and experienced dermatologists perform these procedures; and they are safe and effective. Again, they are in-clinic procedures and non-invasive, and they need no hospitalization.



Skin lightening is very common, whether you`re looking to remove certain concerns like acne and dark spots or you simply want to have fair skin. But your expectations should be realistic; these products and procedures will NOT permanently whiten your skin. Meanwhile, if you want to try out skin whitening products or go for “surgery,” consult your doctor before doing it. Besides, you can go for natural remedies before going for Over counter medication.


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