Is Cow Urine Helpful for Skin Whitening?

Is Cow Urine Helpful for Skin Whitening?
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Some people may deny the benefits of skin whitening but the fact remains. The more celebrities and media personnel we all knew before appear glowing, the more people will want to match them. However, people are opting for other methods that may seem quite cheap to avoid the higher costs associated with whitening their skin. When it comes to using cow urine as one of these factors, is it effective at whitening the skin?

A combination of salts, enzymes, and other minerals properties in cow urine makes it vital for skin whitening. Besides glowing your skin, they are also good at treating acne, dandruff, and pimples. It is also effective for smoothing hair and treating hair loss.

Have you used different types of makeup with no visible benefits? Here is great news for you about the use of cow urine to manage all your skin problems. Keep reading for more info on how to go about this.

Can You Apply Cow Urine on your Face?

In the world, today, not only women are conscious about their looks, but also lots and lots of men too. Beauty and skin glowing is something even a few months old kid can associate with. You can hand over your makeup kit to any toddler today, you’ll notice, she raises it directly to her face.

Unfortunately, despite the craving for glowing skin, most people have sensitive skin that is susceptible to burns and skin irritation even after using several shampoos and different soaps.  In such cases, the extra minerals in cow urine are the best way to go for all types of skin nourishment without any traces of burns.

Multiple creams from various factories have been a problem for several ladies who use different products for their faces and hair. Some of these products warn against using facial creams beyond the hairline and vice versa, exposing their users to harsh conditions.

However, imagine if you used cow urine today, you would not have to worry about the substance touching your hair because of these:

  • Cow urine is a good product for the treatment of hair fall.
  • It is also the best and fastest relief from dandruff, once you apply it to the scalp.

However, what you should know, is not any urine is helpful for your skin. The first urine from the cow in a day is what contains these therapeutic benefits. So to source it, without a cow you might need to liaise with household members with cows to collect the urine for you.

Is Cow Urine Good for Your Skin?

According to TNN of ETimes, several most recommended shampoos and soaps do contain different levels of cow urine, while cow dung has been in use for scrubs and facial masks.

E-times of India further reveals that for their cow skincare products to glow, they use several products including milk, dung, curd, ghee, and higher urine concentration. These have effectively been the sources behind the most sought for products such as cracked heel creams, hair oil, soaps, and several other shampoos.

However, before collecting any cow urine and scrubbing it on your skin, you might want to know this:

  • A 250ml bottle of foundation Shampoo( Holy cow Foundation Shampoo) contains a 20% early morning urine distillate together with rainwater and several other herbs. The herbs may include amla and reetha while maintaining a rainwater concentration of 7%. 
  • Therefore, you might need to dilute it before use for a safe efficacy that will leave your hair smooth. Suppose you are worried about the smell of urine on your skin you should also know that even those who use the Holy Cow Foundation Shampoo cannot escape the unpleasant urine smell. The manufacturing company alerts of a faint cow smell when applied to wet hair.

How to Use Cow Urine for Skin Whitening?

India is moving a milestone with its discovery of cow urine being essential for beauty and maintaining glowing skin. These uses are only a bite of what more cow urine offers its users as a remedy for several diseases outlined at the end of this article.

Most women using cow urine claim that “following natural beauty treatments is the only way to achieve a remarkable glow and shine; unbeaten by several application of cosmetics.” In addition, the skin, more so facial treatment with cow urine activates elegant and high-class looks in women. 

Such women are said to be carrying themselves with a charisma responsible for endless love and affection from persons in their immediate surroundings.

 Directions for use on the face:

  • Use cow milk for a facial massage of about 15 minutes.
  • On a dry face, you should then apply, turmeric and cow ghee for another 15 minutes.
  • Immediately follow up with a cow urine massage for 15 minutes.
  • Complete the procedure with a face mask of cow dung, which you have to splash wash off after 15 minutes. Advisably, use neem water in your facial wash of the cow dung for an effective glow on your skin.

What Are Other Relevant Uses of Cow Urine?

Additionally, cow urine has been used extensively for other types of treatments in the body aside from skin whitening. It has been found that this unique natural product is the best treatment for:

Diabetes: – cow urine contains fatty acids that regulate the glucose level in the blood by, activating antioxidant levels of enzymes.

Weight Loss: – the urine has relative iodine elements crucial for absorption in the human body.

Pimples & Acne: – Cow urine contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties that are essential for treating skin-related problems as a result of its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also efficient for healing up wounds and open cuts.

AIDS and Cancer: – the waste from cows increases the cellular DNA in the human body, which enhances the functionality of white blood cells by preventing their weakening by these diseases.

Power Resource: – With 5 liters of cow urine, you can produce about 1W of power. The power production is a result of several ions, salts, and an alkaline Ph important for an electrolyte.

However, the basis of the medical to support the above treatments is yet to be found by medics who believe cow urine has no huge difference from human urine.

What Are the Side Effects of Using Cow Urine?

Just like human urine, cow urine is the result of the kidneys filtering nutrient-rich food. Therefore, according to Arun Mitra of The Wire, it is unbelievable that drinking cow urine is essential for human health. 

However, his claims have been refuted by the Hinduvita brigade that claims the unmatched benefits of cow urine. So drinking excessive portions of cow urine risks diarrhea, muscle soreness, fatigue, and fever.

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