Drinking Turmeric Water for Fair Skin: A Good Idea?

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We all familiar with some of the benefits associated with turmeric as a skincare ingredient. You can use turmeric to make food, and as an applicant, that is present in some skincare lotions. However, you may wonder whether turmeric water will perform a similar role in maintaining healthy skin. Well, it appears that its effective in every form and drinking turmeric water can do just the trick for you.

Drinking Turmeric Water: all the Skin Benefits

Below are some of the skin benefits associated with drinking turmeric water.

Drinking Turmeric Water for Fair Skin


It makes your skin glow

We may develop certain skin conditions that may leave the skin with spots or indelible marks. It is quite possible to achieve a fair skin tone without blemish by consuming turmeric water regularly. There are several studies that have proven that turmeric can make your skin glow within a few weeks. Consistency and regular use of turmeric can promise long term results. The reason why turmeric is so effective is that it has components anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that promote and facilitate the healing of the skin. It smoothens it and leaves it with a glow.


Helps eliminate acne scars.

People who are victims of acne scarring are often stranded and left to suffer in silence. Most of them result in using alternative treatment options that work but don’t provide consistent results. However, drinking turmeric water can help you get rid of any acne marks and spots. Turmeric water is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory that help the skin heal which helps to eliminate any scarring.


Helps the skin fight UV light and Aging

UV rays are prone to causing skin damage which might extend to more severe cases of skin cancer. Exposure to UV rays can lead to various skin conditions such as fine lines, sunburns, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. The conditions may derail you from achieving desirable skin results and it would be a great thing to find a permanent solution. Drinking turmeric water will add a protective layer to your skin that will help fight skin damage or the effects of UV light. Turmeric has antioxidant compounds that help fight the free radicals that come in form of UV rays and pollution. Turmeric also enhances skin elasticity which helps leave your skin surface smooth and glowing. It also helps to deactivate elastase an enzyme that is responsible for derailing skin elastin production.


Helps With Overall Skin Health

Turmeric has unique properties that will help anybody that seeks to use the ingredient. Although it has numerous health benefits drinking turmeric water could help keep your skin become healthier. Turmeric kills free radicals that cause the skin to age thus reducing wrinkles and ageing. Regular intake of turmeric water will help your skin look radiant, smoother, younger and healthier.


It accelerates the healing process of wounds.

An individual with wounds on their skin may feel uncomfortable with their scars or other skin conditions such as stretch marks, psoriasis, dry skin, vitiligo, and scleroderma. The skin condition has an overall effect on your complexion. Resulting in drinking turmeric water could help accelerate the healing process. The compound can help alleviate some skin conditions by calming down the swollen skin area and helping the skin create new tissues.


Can we drink turmeric water every day?

It’s always a nice thing to kick start your day with turmeric water. There is no harm associated with consuming turmeric water daily. The concussion provides a healthy boost. You must make it a routine and do it before taking breakfast while you are on an empty stomach. Regular intake will mean that you’ll introduce antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to your system. It will help seek out some skin conditions and promote other health benefits in the body. It is always a good thing to start your day by taking turmeric water before exposing your body to harmful UV rays. However, use no more than one teaspoon daily so that you can avoid side effects such as nausea and stomach upset. High quantity consumption can lead to certain conditions such as skin allergies, kidney stones, among others. Maintain a healthy intake and experience the greatness of taking turmeric water.

turmeric water for skin

How long does it take for turmeric to lighten skin?

Turmeric has well-known anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help the skin regain and improve its state, complexion, tone and texture. The aforementioned properties help the skin lighten and glow which boosts your confidence as an individual. It might take about 30 to 50 days to achieve glowing and skin lighten results. However, the duration depends on your underlying skin nature and conditions. Another component that helps the skin lighten and brighten is vitamin C which is also present in turmeric. The vitamin acts as an antioxidant and also helps in collagen formation. Zinc is also present in turmeric and it helps a lot with issues related to healing the skin tissues. Individuals who have severe skin conditions should avoid using turmeric directly on their face and result in drinking turmeric water since it might cause redness or an itching effect. You can use it alongside an ideal moisturizer just to avoid some of these side effects.

Can I apply turmeric on my face every day?

It is safe to use turmeric regularly but it is important to take into account to consider the ideal quantity and whether it reacts to your skin. Health experts recommend you apply turmeric no more than 2-3 times a week. However, it is important to be in tune with what your body and skin needs. If you are new and never used turmeric on your skin before it is important that stick to caution and moderation. You can try a turmeric face mask out to test whether you can achieve positive health result. You can create a concussion of turmeric alongside honey, and Greek yoghurt and apply the mask to your face. You can keep the mask for about 15 minutes and then use warm water to wash it off. If you know other ingredients that are beneficial to your skin why not add them and create an enriched face mask. Regular results will guarantee desirable outcomes for your facial skin.

The wonderful benefits of turmeric awaken the beauties around the world and are incorporated into cosmetics. The beauty of turmeric is that it’s ready and there are plenty of ways to use it with any ingredient you have at home. Turmeric and health studies have looked at various age-related diseases in addition to obesity. Recent animal studies have shown that it can prevent obesity. Does it help people lose weight? Not if they don’t change the way they eat or drink.

Several studies have shown that sugary drinks stimulate appetite and encourage animals to eat more, no matter how sweet they are over the years. Human studies have shown that people who drink 8 ounces of clean water half an hour before a meal eat less. You leave the food on your plate. Drinks like black coffee or green tea suppress your appetite. The health benefits of turmeric such as anorexia and obesity remain unexplored as the benefits of cancer and Alzheimer’s are more attractive for therapeutic than preventive purposes.

The amazing thing about turmeric for your daily diet is that it’s easy, cheap, and delicious! You can use turmeric in any recipe that has Carmer in the ingredients list. Just make a direct replacement. The measurement does not need to be adjusted. Turmeric is added to many common foods to make them healthier and tastier. There are hundreds of thousands of natural products that should be studied many years ago. In some cases they were, but the information was being ignored in “something else”. New frontiers in healthcare include natural ways to treat and prevent diseases associated with aging.

Turmeric is known to rejuvenate the liver and purify the blood. Hence, regular turmeric use results in clean and clear skin. Improves shine and fairness when used outdoors. A mixture of honey and turmeric reduces the dark pigmentation. Indian grooms are covered from head to toe in turmeric paste on the eve of the wedding. Then rinse with water. In some areas, they mix sandalwood and saffron powder with water. Turmeric is the main detoxifying organ, so it helps detoxify the liver, the most important organ in our body. Given the flurry of industrial by-products that are considered very harmful to our bodies, any supplement that contributes to this process should be considered when creating a program of herbal supplements to improve health and longevity.

Drinking is also not very pleasant and can stain your teeth. This makes it easier and better to take advantage of this key ingredient from the capsule. However, if you are using store-bought turmeric, add black pepper to increase the body’s ability to absorb turmeric because turmeric is difficult to absorb. Without the addition of black pepper, your body will metabolize this herb quickly and you won’t experience many of the health benefits of this spice. Adding black pepper greatly improves the body’s ability to use it.

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