Are There Skin Whitening Injections Side Effects?

Are There Skin Whitening Injections Side Effects?
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Does it make sense to state that most people in today’s world do not have high self-esteem or have little confidence in themselves? It is alarming to see the continued rise in demand for fair skin products, especially among women who place a high value on a light skin tone. The injections raise some questions, among them; are there any potential side effects worth worrying about?

Skin whitening might seem so convenient, but deep within, it creates serious side effects. Some of the adverse effects are sunburn sensitivity, irritating and itchy skin, organ malfunctions, and exposure to severe diseases. You may also have health problems from increased levels of vitamin C in the body.

Regardless of skin whitening’s benefits, you should be knowledgeable of the side effects you might encounter as a result. Make sure you read ahead for more information on skin whitening injections.

What Is a Skin Whitening Injection?

The difference between a light skin person and a dark skin person lies beneath their skin. People with fair light skin have pheomelanin pigments, which are responsible for maintaining their light skin color. The pheomelanin pigment in humans is specific to the reddish-pink range.

On the other hand, a dark complexion contains eumelanin, which is also responsible for the brown, black skin color and some mid complexities. 

Therefore, the skin lightening injections convert eumelanin pigments in dark people to pheomelanin. It also reduces the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for increased melanin.  As a result of these injections, harmful UV rays are blocked, the body is detoxified and the skin is made healthier. 

Is It Safe to Take Skin Whitening Injections?

Like any other skin lightening factor, whether cream or herbal, injections have no guarantee of safety. In any case, it would depend on the genes and hormones of the user in need of the therapy, since people have different body compositions, that vary from one to another based on several factors. 

Some of these factors include:

Age – When a person becomes older, most body enzymes are less active than when the person is young.

Geographical Region – the world has different regions that vary in intensity of UV rays reaching the earth’s surface.

General body health – In a healthy person, the body parts and internal organs function at about a total efficiency. When a body tries to fight different diseases, it may not have the ability to produce melanocyte cells or tyrosinase enzymes.

What Are the Benefits of Skin Whitening Injections? 

With all the factors affecting and influencing the productions of tyrosinase enzymes under control, skin whitening can yield pure results among them include;

  • Hidden aging signs
  • Protection against UV rays
  • Reduced melanin pigments
  • Fair and brighter skins
  • Detoxification of the body

Even with all these benefits, a skin lightening injection is not guaranteed to be safe and accurate. Even if you have the most reputable clinics providing skin lightening injection, there is no direct assurance that it is safe. Thus the decision is in your hands, whether you decide to take the injection or not.

Is Skin-lightening Injections Permanent? 

Skin lightening by injections is quickly gaining fame around the world with many people currently opting for the procedure than laser toning and chemical peeling. You might want to look at this;

  • Chemical Peeling – it involves the use of different cream solutions to lighten the skin. It may, however, need repeated use of the creams to sustain the complexity, depending on the client’s needs.
  • Laser Toning – it functions by focusing a high-intensity beam of light with high-level energy and a narrow wavelength spectrum on the skin. Therefore, the melanosomes in the skin get fragmented into the cytoplasm reducing the dark pigmentation.

Therefore, depending on the immediate dosage you’ll receive, you’ll be able to get 600, 1200, and 1500 mg of injections. It takes 12 injections in total so, you can have one skin whitening injection in a week and the rest over the next three months. Alternatively, you can choose to take the shot each month to maintain the results.

Therefore, these injections can have permanent impacts as long as you avoid direct sunlight or harsh conditions. Exposure to such harsh conditions will darken or tan your already glowing skin.

The working of glutathione agent in the body is also affected by aging, as the older you get, the lower the levels of antioxidants. The reduced levels might also result from stress, inadequate nutrition, and toxins.

However, you can often boost glutathione levels in the body by getting the injection again, eating glutathione-based foods, and oral supplements. But, you cannot compare the intake levels of the antioxidants orally with the injection treatment.

What Is the Best Skin Whitening Injection?

Several skin whitening injections slightly vary from each other in their dosage and glow effects. Some of these are:

  • Bio-Rae 8 Whitening Skin System Complexion

This injection is a one-time treatment, having all packages included in a single shot. However, its results depend on your body’s metabolic rate.

  • Glutax Glutathione Injections

A person with any form of illness cannot use this injection, which is the only significant difference from Bio Rae. Its composition contains Pro-Coenzyme Q10 600mg, Cinnamomum Subavenium 325mg, Multivitamin 3500mg, and Natural Collagen 800mg and other ingredients.

  • 3D Snow White 

This package includes five sets of injections, each one prescribed at least once a week for injections in muscles, veins, or hips. In addition, the thousands of glutathione present in its 5000 mg reduces wrinkles slowing down aging for both men and women. 

  • Saluta Glutathione Injection

It has a package of 1800mg of Glutathione and further contains ampoules of vitamin C and Sterile water. It is also part of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, but you cannot sell it in the United States.

  • Veniscy Prestige Skin Injection

It’s perfect for firm skin and total body nourishment in addition to its skin rejuvenation and wrinkle ability. It is, however, not suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, women on their periods, and patients with cardiovascular problems.

It is also not suitable for people with any form of allergic reaction.

  • Aqua Skin Collagen Premium Injection

It has a high vitamin C concentration ideal for the firm, and tight skin. It is also packaged with ten doses that should be administered as a single dose per week for two months. Despite its even skin complexion, it is advisable to seek a doctor’s advice before you administer the doses.

  • Skin Whitening Injections

Among the ingredients in skin whitening injections are Ultrafiltrazione Glutathione 2000G, Multivitaminico 3500mg, Selenio 600mg, and other supplements. It has an assured softening skin ability and improved healing wounds. It is packaged in 10 ampoules and should be given for two months, with one injection week.

However, it is not usable for pregnant, lactating women, women on their menstrual periods, and persons with cardiovascular problems.

How Much Does Skin Whitening Injections Cost?

In addition to the functionality of the injection of glowing your skin, it will also improve your general health functioning. The skin lightening injection also perfects your health functionality by boosting the cellular functions in the body while protecting the cells by acting as an oxidant. You will also benefit from its boost in the immune system and your energy levels.

So the injection cost for skin whitening depends on the dose you’ll take, the duration and frequency that you will be receiving the injection. The dosage of the skin-lightening agent will depend on your age, health report, and location, which determines the concentration your body will need. 

The health report is also a general assessment done on you by the doctor to ascertain whether your body can sustain the injection or if it might harm you. So, if the doctor’s report shows you already have a prior health issue. You will have to dig deeper into your pocket for everything you’ll need. However, this will be if you still wish to proceed with the skin whitening injections.

Additionally, there’s the matter of health insurance. If you are covered by health insurance, you can inquire about eligibility for the injection. Nevertheless, you will need a claim form before that, which will outline all the details about the injection. 

As long as the company agrees to offer the coverage, you may only need to pay a little bit of money for the procedure.


How Long Does It Take for Skin Lightening Injections to Work?

Depending on the dose prescribed to you as well as the degree of sunlight exposure, the results of the injection may vary. It is, therefore, possible to see results in 2 to 3 months, although the amount of time depends on your body’s metabolic rate. 

Nevertheless, this does not make it an effective rule of 2 to 3 months, your body may delay slightly, but that does not mean the injection will have failed. So within few sessions of the dose, you should see a change in your skin into a healthier look.

A cleansed and more vibrant complexion will become apparent if you’ve had any skin conditions such as acne. Furthermore, you may also notice that your hair is healthier as well as having more energy, though this may not happen to everyone.


Do Skin Whitening Injections Have Side Effects?

Several people have tried skin whitening injections and experienced immediate results. So more people may want to try skin whitening injections, despite their pricey cost. Nevertheless, the users fail to recognize that there is always something about a body’s functionality and its efficiency.

Slight tampering with even the tiniest system function of the body threatens the entire human system. Just like an electronic device, you cannot tamper with any system function and expect neat results every time. Consequently, skin whitening has many serious side effects, putting your health at risk.

In addition, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not approved most of these skin injection products, because of the harsh chemicals in them. 

Here are some of the few sides effects you should be aware of:

  • Sunburn Sensitivity

Despite the health benefits glutathione offers, its major function is to fragment and discontinue melanin production, making your skin more prone to sunburn. Natural body pigments, such as melanin, provide total protection from harmful UV rays. So once its production is not consistent you should expect more issues with the sunrays.

  • Irritating and Itchy Skin

The FDA revealed that skin whitening injections are full of several chemical substances. Once injected, these chemicals cause skin irritation due to contact with other body tissues. While you may have the complexion you desire, deep down you can’t handle the rashes and allergic reactions piling up inside. 

The more you take the dosage the more you worsen the reactions, turning your body into undesired complexity.

  • Risk of Contracting Diseases

Occasionally, it is good to administer certain medications orally for the stomach to break them down before they are released into the bloodstream. However, injecting substances directly into the body could pose a health risk if a risky procedure is used for administering it.

These could result from the use of unsterilized or unhygienic syringes that could expose you to serious diseases weakening your immune system.

  • Illness

Injection of these chemicals could leave you feeling nauseous, with stomachaches and headaches. You should know that your body may vary, and your friend’s experience with injections may not be the same as yours. Some people may experience worse effects.

  • Organ Malfunctions

The fact that you have no melanin to help in the protection of your skin from sun rays, means you might be risking severe diseases such as cancer, liver failure, thyroid malfunction, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, and many others.

In addition, these doses trail with vitamin C thereby, its continuous injection could exceed the maximum intake that a body needs. 

These may negatively affect the user’s health. Therefore, you may need to consider if you want to whiten your skin and subject your body to severe health problems in the long run.

Other health problems you may not escape including, diarrhea, loss of hair, breathing problems, chest and breast pains, numbness, and eye disorders among others.

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