Are Skin Whitening Products Safe While Pregnant?

Are Skin Whitening Products Safe While Pregnant?
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Skin whitening products are safe to use whilst pregnant but you may notice that your skin becomes more sensitive throughout your pregnancy.

Skin whitening products have come a long way over the past few years with many companies ensuring that their products are as safe as possible and do not cause any long-term damage to the skin. All safety knowledge should be included with the product to inform of you any possible side effects.

However, as with any type of product, not all skin whitening products are created equally. You should do your research, especially if you are pregnant, into the specific product to make sure that it is safe for you and your baby.

So, are skin whitening products safe while pregnant?

Although it is best to be extra cautious when pregnant, most skin whitening products are safe to use when pregnant. Doctors have concluded that skin whitening products containing the ingredient hydroquinone are perfectly fine to use when pregnant and will not pose any threat to your baby.

However, one issue that doctors, and dermatologists, have with using skin whitening products when pregnant is the reaction on sensitive skin. Often when pregnant your skin type changes and many women experience sensitive skin, even if this has never been an issue for them before.

So, although skin whitening products pose no threat to life they may make you very uncomfortable and irritate your skin. For this reason, you should always test a small patch of skin, for example on your hand, to see how you will react before using it over your entire body.

Using skin whitening products when pregnant

One thing to take into consideration when using, or even contemplating using, skin whitening products when pregnant is the frequency that you want to use them. You should never use a skin whitening product more frequently than recommended by the manufacturer as this may cause issues with your skin.

In some countries, the market is less regulated than in others and so should you always consult reviews and the ingredient list to make sure that using the product will not cause any damage to your skin. As doctors have stated that skin whitening products containing hydroquinone are safe to use when pregnant you should opt for products with this ingredient. But why is hydroquinone safe?

Hydroquinone works by blocking pigmentation. In the vast majority of countries, the use of this ingredient in skin products is tightly regulated and so you can rest assured that the dose you will receive in your product has been deemed safe for use. In some cases, such as in the UK, the ingredient has been banned for all cosmetic purposes but is fine to be prescribed by a doctor.

Although studies have not shown any link between pregnancy defects and the use of hydroquinone, it is estimated that roughly 40% of the active ingredient is absorbed into the skin. Exposing your skin to any additional chemicals is not typically recommended during pregnancy as any unnecessary risk is not worth the possible consequences.

So, it is up to you to decide for yourself whether or not to use skin whitening products while pregnant. Hydroquinone-based skin whitening products are perfectly safe to use, and have been shown to be safe in studies, but doctors are always overly cautious with pregnant women due to the risk of losing the baby.

Zeta White

The most important thing to consider when choosing a skin whitening product that is right for you is the company. You should never buy any type of skin whitening product from a brand that does not do adequate research into the ingredients that they use in their products.

Especially important if you are pregnant is to make sure that you use a product with safe active ingredients. One of the best brands for the research behind their products is Zeta White. As a result of this Zeta White is said to be one of the safest skin whitening brands on the market as well as the most effective.

So, by choosing to use this company’s products you are both keeping yourself safe and getting the best results.

Zeta White’s ingredients are perfectly safe to use on your skin, even when you are pregnant. They do not use the ingredient hydroquinone as although it has been shown to be safe for use, there is still the risk of damaging your skin.

Zeta White didn’t want their products to pose any risk of any kind and so opted for natural ingredients such as apricot oil, mango extract and even lemon extract.

By choosing to use natural ingredients in all of their skin whitening products, Zeta White ensures that every customer will get the best experience possible without the risk of skin irritation. In addition, the products contain no fillers which means that there is also no risk of clogged pores. Zeta White takes pride in their work and this is clearly reflected in their products.

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Skin whitening products make up a very large percentage of the cosmetic market but unfortunately not all of them are safe to use, especially during pregnancy. So, if you are pregnant and looking to use a skin whitening product you should do sufficient research to ensure that you are not putting yourself or your baby in harm’s way.

The best way to do this is to look at the brand’s ethos. Buying products from a brand that takes care when selecting their ingredients and does research into how skin reacts to certain ingredients should tell you that the brand is most likely to be safe.

One such example is Zeta White who relies on natural ingredients to achieve whiter skin. Doing so means that they can reduce the risk of skin irritation as well as posing no risk of harm to your baby. Not only this but their products are known to be some of the most effective on the market.

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